Parents today face a daunting challenge raising kids in a rapidly changing, increasingly digital world. Parent coaching instills vision and confidence so my clients parent without fear and build deep connections with their kids. Contact me and let me show you how.

"Carrington allowed me to step outside of myself and see my family in a new perspective. Her coaching was always gentle, encouraging, and incredibly insightful.... My entire family has benefitted from her coaching."

-Bree, Mother of 2, Downers Grove, IL

Do you want your kids to:

  • Thank you more often?

  • Give you more hugs?

  • Put down the device?

  • Ask your advice?

  • Help around the house?

  • Take initiative?

  • Listen the first time?

  • Problem solve on their own?

As a parent, Do you want:

  • More peace in your home?

  • more confidence in your decisions?

  • A sense that your parenting has purpose and meaning?

  • more joy?

Then you've come to the right place. No two kids are the same, but through customized parent coaching you can learn to:


Prevent overuse/abuse of media and technology

Understand age appropriate parameters and teach your kids to navigate digital culture with wisdom and discernment.


Discipline appropriately and effectively

Encourage obedience and cooperation in kids of any age in the context of a healthy parent/child relationship.


Improve Communication 

Identify how to engage positively and effectively to foster intimacy within your family.


Curb unwanted habits

Gain control of your yelling, put a stop to procrastination, and begin to address those thorny issues you've shoved under the carpet. Build a legacy you will be proud to pass on to your kids.


Motivate your children

Stop battling over homework or chores, grades or friends. Learn how to encourage accountability and a strong work ethic in your child.


manage your schedule

Tame the chaos and use time to your advantage.


become a powerful advocate for your child

Engage as a productive ally with those who influence, teach, and have authority over your children.  


Navigate Special circumstances with wisdom and grace

Parents of children with special needs, foster or adoptive children, twins or higher order multiples, and families of divorce, blended families and single parents all need support with diverse and unique challenges. Get the tailored support you need for your specific situation.  


Plan today for a bright future for your family.

Plan today for a bright future for your family.

Bring joy and confidence back into your parenting.

Bring joy and confidence back into your parenting.


Meet Carrington, learn what parent coaching is, and see how it will help you and your family.

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