The Three Cs: How Parent Coaching Meets Real Needs for Real Parents

As a society we are as divided and isolated as we have ever been. 


Families once passed parenting knowledge from generation to generation, but now many families live far from each other either geographically or ideologically. 


We have unprecedented digital access to one another through the internet and social media, yet often we lack critical, intimate contact with others in real time. 


Many of the character qualities we try to teach our children such as humility, generosity, teamwork, patience, and perseverance are no longer normative cultural values. 


As parents we often feel like islands unto ourselves, trying to instill integrity and responsibility in our children as we raise them in a culture foreign to our own childhood experience and rife with distractions we don’t know how to combat. 


But parents, we are not alone in this. You are not alone. Parent coaching addresses the intellectual and practical challenges of parenting in today’s complex culture by meeting you right where you are and providing what is currently lacking for many overwhelmed, overworked parents. When coaching brings the clarity, confidence, and connection you need, parenting transforms and families thrive.



Do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, your schedule, or the sheer magnitude of distractions vying for your attention? Do you struggle to finish the tasks you start? Do you find yourself saying yes or no to your kids’ requests based on your mood or momentary circumstances, lacking any set standard by which you decide what’s okay and what’s not? Parent coaching helps you get in touch with your own convictions in order to bring clarity and focus to the chaos. Clarity enables you to make decisions based on your values, not your emotions. Clarity strengthens you to make choices now that will have long-term benefits for your kids. And clarity helps you take a reasoned approach to challenges so you can determine which decisions work well and which ought to be reconsidered in the future.




When was the last time you second-guessed a parenting decision you made? Maybe you’re unsure of how to handle your baby’s crying or your toddler’s back talk. Perhaps hectic mornings consistently start your day off on the wrong foot, or communication breakdowns with your adolescent leave you wondering if you’re going about this parenting thing all wrong. Working with a parent coach will remind you of who you are—you’re a parent! Here to lead, teach, and guide your children. A parent coach and will help you embrace that role with confidence so you can make decisions from a place of strength and purpose. You are the expert when it comes to your own family and kids; coaching honors your place of influence and encourages you to recognize and walk in that powerful role.




Connecting with other people in meaningful relationships is crucial to ultimate health and strength. When it comes to parenting well, connecting with others who know us, support us, and give us wise counsel is absolutely essential. We have so many choices for community all around us—our neighborhoods, schools, special interest clubs or institutions of faith are all venues around which we build connection. But if we spread ourselves too thin we can become isolated even in the middle of a well-connected web. A parent coach helps by cultivating with you an intentional, focused relationship. A coach listens, offers guidance and support, and strategically encourages you toward your preferred future, strengthening you by accountability and shared experience. We all want to be known; a parent coach comes to know you, and helps you become a stronger parent in the process.