Why You Need a Parent Coach Today (Even Though You've Come This Far Without One)

I consider myself a cautious consumer. Marketing ploys make me wary and I approach major buying decisions with an air of skepticism. I’ve taken great delight in the occasions when one of my kids sees a commercial and then comments dismissively, “They’re trying to make me think that’s what my life will look like if I buy that [car, toothpaste, insurance, etc.]. But they just want my money.” That’s when I mentally pat myself on the back and think I’ve done my job well.

But even with my skeptic’s attitude, reality dictates that I buy things quite frequently. And when I see something of real value I’m happy to pay what it’s worth. Parent coaching is a real value. Here’s why I think so, and why, after you work with a parent coach, you’ll think so too (even though you’ve come this far in life without it). 


Beyond Empathy to Action 

Everyone needs empathy and compassion. But empathy and compassion by themselves don’t elicit change. If you find out your child is being bullied at school you’re going to appreciate the friend with a listening ear and some tears to shed on your child’s behalf. But pretty soon you’ll want more than just empathy; you’ll want to know how to help your child. Enter a parent coach. A coach will empathize with you, but will keep you from being lured into wallowing in your difficulties. A coach will guide you from What can I do? to Look what I’ve done! by helping you implement the preferred future you have in mind.


Positive Thinking Turned to Power

There’s a lot to say for the power of positive thinking, but research shows that a positive outlook can actually inhibit positive outcomes if it’s not paired with a specific plan of action. That is to say, its possible that your confidence that your math-challenged daughter will one day blossom in her math abilities may actually prevent you from offering her the legitimate help she needs to master new skills. Working with a parent coach ensures that your good intentions turn into good outcomes by helping you develop specific action steps toward your dream.


New Behaviors Supported by New Perspectives

They say that old habits die hard, and isn’t that the truth. Have you ever found yourself resolving to get up earlier, to organize your desk or closet, or to plan meals more than thirty minutes in advance, only to find week after week that you fail to make good on your good intentions? Adopting new ways of being requires adopting new ways of thinking, and a parent coach is the ideal guide to help you evaluate the things that matter to you most as a parent so you can follow through with conviction. A parent coach helps you clarify your priorities and keeps you accountable to make the changes that matter most.


Embarking on a new plan of action takes courage and initiative, but when it comes to your kids, a little initiative is well worth it. You can keep on parenting the way you alway have and life will continue on the trajectory you’re on. But if you want to stop yelling, if you want your busy life to calm down, if you want your teen to join in the conversation at dinner, or need your whiney toddler to stay out from underfoot while you make dinner, give me a call. Every day is a new day, and change starts the moment you decide to try something different. Try parent coaching, and just see if you don’t find the value in it.