What Coaching Is

Just as a nutritionist helps you develop a tailored meal plan or a personal trainer guides you through a workout program to help you meet fitness goals, as a parent coach my job is to motivate and guide you toward being the parent you want to be. Parent coaching is customized support to help you identify what matters most to you as a parent and then make needed adjustments in your parenting. We typically meet once a week over the phone or in person to talk about your parenting. As your coach I will be your ally, walking with you each step of the way as you venture toward a better tomorrow. Some identifying features of coaching include:

  • Collaboration Your expertise as a parent is an essential part of the success of our coaching partnership. No one knows your kids the way you know your kids, and that knowledge is key to effectively addressing the challenges you face. As your coach I am trained to ask questions, propose ideas, channel resources and guide the change process in the direction of your preferred future. In order to successfully get where you want to go, we need to work together.
  • Future-focused and Action-Oriented The goal of coaching is to help you achieve your preferred future. You need to know where you're going if you want to make sure you actually get there. Do you want to stop yelling at your kids? Help your child become more confident? Feel less overwhelmed by the demands of a hectic schedule? My job as your coach is to support you in looking forward to that finish line, and once you achieve your results to help you maintain them for long-term success. 
  • Strength-based Coaching helps you identify your unique strengths, skills and resources so you can use them most effectively in moving toward your desired future. What we focus on grows; approaching challenges from a foundation of strength allows you to utilize your skills effectively while maintaining the positive outlook that allows for continual growth.
  • Customized There is no "one size fits all" in parenting, and as your coach I will never offer you formulaic answers. You are unique, your family is unique and each situation will be assessed independently. Coaching typically runs 10-12 sessions, but again, this will be customized to your particular situation and preferences.


What Coaching Isn't

Sometimes knowing what something is not can be helpful in identifying what it is. Below are a few common misconceptions about coaching to clarify what I offer. Parent coaching is not:

  • Consulting Consulting assumes I am the expert and you are paying for my advice and suggestions (think "Supernanny"). While I do have knowledge and training that I rely on as a coach, the process is collaborative (see above) and relies as much on your expertise as a parent as it does on my influence as a professional. I want you to be equipped for long-term success, and part of how I do that is keep you actively involved in the creative and change processes.
  • Counseling Generally speaking, counseling addresses past experiences and internal processes. While both can be relevant to coaching, neither is the focus. If you struggle to understand how or why you are where you are, you may get more from counseling. If you are ready to move forward into a new future, coaching may be for you.
  • Mentoring/Apprenticing Mentoring or apprenticeship often pertain to learning new skills or honing them over time. As your coach I am not here to teach you new skills so much as to help you identify the skills you already have and help you put them to good use.