“We had the privilege of having Carrington speak at our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in Elmhurst, IL. It was such a joy to have her speak to our young moms on the topic of discipline. She was insightful, loving, genuine, and respectful in her presentation and towards all of our moms. She shared lots of wisdom with our group, not only about discipline, but in parenting in general. Our moms raved about her after the meeting and really appreciated her suggestions. I highly recommend using Carrington's expertise in parenting!!! "

-Jackie, Mother and ministry leader, Elmhurst, IL

"Working with Carrington as my parent coach was such a joy. I truly looked forward to every one of our phone sessions. Carrington is not only a great listener, she is wise and insightful. She has the ability to hear what a person is saying and then read between the lines to motives and desires behind the words. She was able to help me identify strengths in both myself and my children that propelled me forward in dreaming big dreams for our family relationships, and then she assisted in me strategizing how to make those dreams reality. I am thankful for the the way she led me to see the good that was happening already in my family, and supported me in making changes to increase that good! I enthusiastically recommend Carrington as a parent coach." 

-Lynne, Mother of 4, Aurora, IL

“Carrington has been a real blessing to the Single Mother Support Group, also known as SHE, in Elmhurst. Recently she just spoke to us on the topic of raising daughters. Every woman in her group of 20 women were very attentive and asking questions about raising their daughters. She helped them overcome the difficult areas in parenting especially daughters. They remarked that this really was helpful and I wish that we could repeat this small group again. Within that group there were mothers with special needs children who really appreciated the suggestions that Coach Carrington gave them. I encourage anyone to use her expertise in raising children.”

-Jane, Mother and ministry leader, Elmhurst, IL


"Carrington has a unique ability to pull out of me solutions for realizing the goals I'd set at the beginning of our sessions. What a sweet, encouraging, and understanding spirit she has. I looked forward each week to our sessions. We came up with some great parenting ideas together and I made a new friend!"

-Sarah, Mother of 2 and foster parent, Durham, NC


"My wife and I recently had the privilege of participating in 9 weekly parent coaching sessions with Carrington. We are the parents of 2 preschoolers and are interested in exploring ways to improve confidence, patience and time utilization, among other things. Carrington had much insight into ways we can make these improvements. Our conversations regarding various topics were thorough with much time devoted to self-reflection and eventually implementation as we envisioned what we wish our parenting lives to "look and feel like." Carrington was very respectful of our time and commitments; sessions began and concluded as scheduled. She provided helpful thorough reviews via e-mail of each session. We recommend Carrington highly as a parent coach and feel confident she can benefit numerous parents as she did us."

-Kevin, Father of 2, Pfafftown, NC


"Carrington allowed me to step outside of myself and see my family in a new perspective. Her coaching was always gentle, encouraging, and incredibly insightful. I never felt judged and was able to be completely open and honest with her. My entire family has benefitted from her parenting coaching. We have achieved a balance that I had been struggling with for a long time, and we're all the more happy because of it. I am so grateful to Carrington for enabling me to make the changes I needed to make in order to move in the direction of achieving the dream I have for our family. Thank you!"

-Bree, Mother of 2, Downers Grove, IL

"Carrington is such a caring, insightful and compassionate coach. She really listens, beyond just the words! She is able to see past the frustration of a situation and find the golden nugget within. Every session brought an insight and encouragement. Having such a caring ear provided strength and motivation to continue to positively work on my goals. I am a much better parent, and person, thanks to Carrington’s wonderful coaching.”

-Claire, Mother of 1, Naperville, IL


“I went into parenting coaching by the suggestion of a friend. I wasn't sure what Carrington could do for my relationship with my pre-teen daughter but I knew I needed to do something. I couldn't just sit back and be miserable. The first week I was a bit apprehensive. We went over everything that was not going right. What a daunting task we had ahead of us. I persevered and week after week I could see the techniques Carrington was helping me with were actually working. No, she wasn't changing my pre-teen daughter, she was changing how I perceived everything going on in my life, how I could change that way of thinking and in turn make a difference in my family. Things started turning around quickly and I was simply amazed. No, everything is not perfect. It will never be but life is too short here on this earth to sit back and just exist and not thrive as a family. Thank you Carrington for making such a big impact in my life. I would recommend this type of coaching to all parents out there.”

-Marybeth, Mother of 2, Plainfield, IL


"I was blessed to be able to work with Carrington and have her coach me during a very stressful time in my life. I had been feeling like things in my family were out of control. We never enough time together and I was not able to be the mom I always wanted to be. I had become very short-tempered and frustrated during my day to day time with my children and husband, and I knew that if I wanted to break that pattern I needed to do something. After reaching out to Carrington to see if she thought coaching would be beneficial to me, we got to work. I appreciated the caring and listening that Carrington gave to me. Each week, she was able to ask questions about our family that made it easy for me to explain what was working for us and what wasn't. Before this, I just knew that something wasn't right, but couldn't begin to know where to fix it. She helped me to recognize the things that I wanted to improve, and give me manageable ways to accomplish it. Over the course of the coaching process, I realized that we had slowly eased into exactly what I envisioned my ideal family life to be like! I now understand so many more of our family's strengths, and the way we can work together. We have been able to enjoy more family time and have much more balance between work life and home life. I feel so much more in control and calm in my day to day interaction with my sweet family, and it's amazing to know the strength that we have together! I'm so thankful that I reached out when I did, and for the tools she has given me to be able to make that dream a reality!"

-Lindsey, Mother of 2, The Woodlands, TX


"My own experience working with Carrington has been delightful and enlightening. With a soulful wisdom beyond her years, she is insightful and articulate and comes to her coaching with a truly open perspective that allows her to shine light on sensitive issues in a constructive and compassionate way."

-PK, PCI Certified Parent Coach®


"Training Carrington to become a PCI Certified Parent Coach® was an honor and a privilege. Carrington is a heart-centered woman and a highly skilled coach who brings a finely tuned analytic mindset and compassionate listening to her work. Moms and dads lucky enough to have her as their coach will find a wealth of wisdom in her guidance, and an understanding partner every step of the way."

-Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO, Parent Coaching Institute